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Welcome to Herbert Gould Fabrics, where versatility meets excellence. With our  expansive range of brands and scales, we cater to all your fabric needs - both  indoor and outdoor. 

Indoor Fabrics: Dive into our selection of premium indoor fabrics, perfect for  upholstery, curtains, bedding, and more. Our curated brands promise durability,  style, and comfort, ensuring your interiors look and feel just the way you imagine. 


Outdoor Fabrics: For those seeking fabrics resilient against the elements, look no  further. Our outdoor fabric range offers durability against sun, rain, and wear.  Whether you're revamping your patio furniture or crafting a shade canopy, we've  got you


Furniture Renovation: Instead of buying new furniture, HG can provide fabric  reupholstery service for your existing furniture.  


Diverse Brands for Every Need: At HG Fabrics, we believe in options. Our  diverse brand portfolio allows customers to find the perfect fabric that aligns with  their aesthetic and budget preferences. From luxury brands to economical  choices, our fabric collection has something for everyone. 


Fabric Scales for Every Project: Whether you're looking for a bold, large-scale  print to make a statement or a subtle, small-scale pattern for intricate designs, our  assortment covers it all. Navigate through our vast range of scales to find the ideal  fit for your project.

Residential Project, Balmoral

“We wholeheartedly recommend Herbert Gould to anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated interior designer. We are truly grateful for their expertise and the beautiful transformation they brought to our living room."

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