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Step into a realm where design meets distinction. At HG, we specialise in crafting  bespoke curtains and blinds that blend seamlessly with your interiors, ensuring  each window tells its own tale of sophistication. 

Curated Brands for a Diverse Palette

Our extensive collaboration with renowned brands empowers us to offer an  eclectic range of fabrics, patterns, and styles. From classic drapes, contemporary  roman blinds or a simple roller blind. Our offerings echo the diversity of global  design landscapes. 


Artistry in Trims

It's all in the details! Stand out with our signature trims, adding a layer of finesse to  your window treatments. Whether you desire the delicate embrace of lace, the  regal touch of tassels, or the intricate beauty of braided edges, we curate trims  that transform your curtains and blinds into works of art.


Tailored to Your Vision

Your space is a reflection of your unique style and ethos. Our design experts work  closely with you to bring your vision to life. Customise the length, choose the  fabric, select a trim, and watch as we weave your dream window treatments into  reality. 


Installation & Care

Beyond crafting exquisite curtains and blinds, we ensure flawless installation,  promising a fit that's as impeccable as the design. Plus, our products are designed  for longevity, guaranteeing a timeless appeal and easy maintenance for years.

Material & Composition: Crafted from high-quality fabric, our cushion ensures a  soft touch and a long-lasting finish. The fillings, made of premium fibers or foam,  are designed to retain their shape and provide consistent support over time. 


Design & Aesthetics:

Available in a myriad of colours, patterns, and textures, our  cushion designs cater to diverse tastes. From minimalistic solid hues to intricate  patterns, there's a cushion to complement every decor style. 

Functional Benefits: Apart from aesthetics, cushions offer ergonomic benefits.  They can provide lumbar support, serve as a headrest, or simply be a cozy hug on  a cold evening. Our cushion ensures that while your space looks good, you feel  great too.

Residential Project, Balmoral

“We wholeheartedly recommend Herbert Gould to anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated interior designer. We are truly grateful for their expertise and the beautiful transformation they brought to our living room."

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