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Cushions, more than just being a functional accessory, can be the heart and soul  of any living space. These small yet impactful elements can bring together a  room's decor, providing both comfort and style. 

Material & Composition: Crafted from high-quality fabric, our cushion ensures a  soft touch and a long-lasting finish. The fillings, made of premium fibers or foam,  are designed to retain their shape and provide consistent support over time. 


Design & Aesthetics: Available in a myriad of colours, patterns, and textures, our  cushion designs cater to diverse tastes. From minimalistic solid hues to intricate  patterns, there's a cushion to complement every decor style. 

Functional Benefits: Apart from aesthetics, cushions offer ergonomic benefits.  They can provide lumbar support, serve as a headrest, or simply be a cozy hug on  a cold evening. Our cushion ensures that while your space looks good, you feel  great too.

Residential Project, Balmoral

“We wholeheartedly recommend Herbert Gould to anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated interior designer. We are truly grateful for their expertise and the beautiful transformation they brought to our living room."

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